The Quagmire of my Discontent: The Apocalypse of WeeSaul - Abondon all hope, ye who enter here!!!
Thoughts on Twin Lakes...

Back to nature

Back to where my soul belongs

A return to my ancestors

Accompanied by a hundred bird songs

Far away from the concrete and steel

Far away from civilization

Back to where my soul calls home

A soul smile filled with jubilation

I know I cannot stay long

I know I must return

A small part of me will remain

A lesson I have finally learned…


No sinners - confession
Thoughts on Ohiopyle...

The river of my life…

Flowing through the mountains of my soul

With each passing year

The deeper it carves its way

Towards the very core of my being

Piece by piece taking a bit off the top

And carrying it to parts unknown

Miles and miles I have floated against my will

Unable to stop, unable to turn back

Always going with the flow wherever it make take me

And I wonder if this is all there is

Drifting along, no control, just going with the flow

I want to have a say in what my final destination is

I want to have some steering input in my destiny

For once in my life I wish to be heard above the roar of the river

Just once – then I shall return to my aimless drifting through life

As I make my way to the sea…

No sinners - confession
Thoughts on Stuff - Skipping out of work early...

Left work a bit early though to the standard employed person it was a long day, and if I had the luxury of being an hourly employee, I would have received overtime on this day. Being a salaried employee at the Workplace of Despair is not for the weak or lazy…


So here I sit in my regular coffee shop though I have been regularly here as of late. Sitting here pondering what I should do with my life. At the moment, I still have parental obligations to the kiddoes though this shall not last forever for they shall go off into this world and do the things that they want do or must do…


And that leaves me with deciding what to do with me in this not too distant future. What should I do? What would I like to do with me? What will I be whence I finally grow up? It’s a big world out there, and I have seen very little surface area of this blue sphere. Should I venture forth and see what I have not yet seen? Or should I just relax and behold the wonderment of all that surrounds me at that particular point in time at that specific location? So many things to ponder upon in the brief I have whilst I am still needed…


Though there is a part of me that would feel I should just give up – my mission completed, time for the scrap heap so what remains can be recycled into something that is once again useful to the universe. I am not a quitter by any means, but these years of constant battles has taken much from me, and the desire to continue upon the path I have found myself upon takes more and more from me each and every day without returning a single thing…


So much to ponder upon and consider, and I have some time to do such though not much time relatively speaking or in this case typing in many ways for I have never been in this coffee shop on a Friday night and I have no clue whence they shall close, but from my casual observations I will surmise that closing time is very soon and I will need to go whether my coffee is finished or not…


And so I shall end this here and finish what is remaining in the cup and be off. And so I shall bid y’all a fond fare thee well and venture forth to the world outside this specific coffee shop at this particular time…

Zombies at Laundrageddon...

Laundry Day of the Zombie Apocalypse – I realize that Sunday is the day that most folks do their laundry, which is why I choose to do so at this ungodly hour. I attempted earlier in the day, but was turned away by the shear number of undead in the place. It would appear that a great battle must have taken place here for there is debris strewn across this Laundromat of the Misbegotten. Everywhere can be seen signs of struggle – mismatched socks, dryer sheets, empty bottles of bleach and fabric softeners, food wrappers, beverage containers. The struggle must have been great…


And this is why I avoid the place whence the parking lot is full. I want peace and quiet. I want to clean up after myself. I want to be as far away as possible from the Zombie Hordes. Does it take so much effort that one cannot pick up after themselves? Does it kill one to be respectful of other’s property? There are a minimum of five garbage cans in this facility and not one is full, is it so hard to walk over to one of them and dispose of that which one desires no longer?


I will never understand people, perhaps I never will…


And so ends this sermon. Go ye now, my brothers and sisters. And thine mother is not here to pick up after you…

No sinners - confession
A Rare Political Rant...

So here I sit upon the majestic Workplace of Despair Throne wasting time whilst I should be doing the work for which I am paid. And yet I am not doing such. And I feel no shame or remorse about this fact…


One thing I am absolutely tired of is those who feel their calling is to be a purveyor of doom. The party affiliation does not matter though when they are on the losing side it instantly means the end is neigh for there cannot be any good to come from those they oppose – everything shall change for the worst, the sky shall fall, “it’s the end of the world as I know it and I am going to bitch and moan about it until everyone sees things my way for my way is the only right way to exist in this country…”


I am tired of both sides in this regard – tired to the very core of my meager existence, tired to the point that mere words can never adequately express my feelings on this matter. I have nearly reached the point of screaming at all inhabitants of this land, “Shut the fuck up, I get it! You lost and yours was the only correct way to live, and now we shall all perish! I get it!”


I do not often voice my opinion on the matters of politics although I am an elected official in my voting district for I do not have all the answers, and there may be more than one road that leads to utopia and I shall not judge those who think the road we should be on is different than the road I feel we should take…


But I will stand and judge those who proclaim the end is neigh just because their candidate did not win and that person was the only one who could keep this nation from dying a tragic and horrible death. I did not wish to hear any of this talk 20 or 16 or 12 or 8 or 4 years ago, and I do not wish to hear it now. So to all of you prophets of doom, I shall say to you in the politest way I possibly can, “Shut the fuck up. K?”


And so ends this sermon. Go ye now in peace, my brothers and sisters…

No sinners - confession
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